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Workbook : Modern calligraphy for beginners (ENGLISH)


This digital workbook is designed for beginners wishing to learn the basics of modern calligraphy, also known as brushlettering. It includes practical exercises and step-by-step tips to improve your calligraphy skills. This workbook is an excellent tool if you want to develop your creativity and personal style in calligraphy.

This workbook is what I give to all my students during workshops to start their calligraphy practice. I have specially designed and refined it based on feedback from my students over the years. This workbook allows you to begin calligraphy with confidence and practice at your own pace, in full autonomy.

What you’ll find on this workbook to help you learn modern calligraphy:

  • What is modern calligraphy?
  • The type of tools you need for brush lettering
  • Advice on the correct posture for practicing calligraphy
  • The basic strokes you need to know in modern calligraphy
  • Learn how to form lowercase letters of the alphabet in calligraphy, using the basic strokes
  • Learn how to write uppercase letters in modern calligraphy
  • Write your first words in modern calligraphy
  • Ideas and tips to explore and develop your own calligraphy style
  • Tips and tricks for creating your first calligraphy compositions


What this digital product looks like:

  • Format: digital workbook in PDF format, printable
  • Number of pages: 20
  • Language: English
    If you prefer, a french version is also available here
  • Bonus: a memo sheet with my personal recommendations on materials you need to start modern calligraphy

My little personal tip: Print the workbook and practice on tracing paper sheets that you place directly on top. This way, you can reuse the workbook to practice as much as you want!

Why purchase this workbook to learn modern calligraphy?

  • This calligraphy workbook is easy to follow for beginners or those who want to go back to the basics of modern calligraphy. I designed it based on my own experience and the feedback from my workshop students.
  • It is an excellent tool to get started and begin practicing modern calligraphy confidently.
  • It allows you to develop your creativity in calligraphy, wherever you are, autonomously.

Order now your modern calligraphy workbook for beginners and discover the techniques to start and improve your brush lettering journey!